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"our professional workers will take care of any installation"

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Residential & Commercial Surveillance

"Watch your property or love ones at real time on your fingertips anywhere!"

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School Bus Camera and School Zone camera

"With a reliable camera, your kids safety is our priority"

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"With a reliable camera ,your kids safety is our priority"

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Looking for a quality and affordable service?

Camera system and alarm in commercial area

We install cameras in any strategic part of your commercial area so that you can have a look on your surrounding and on people entering at any time.

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School bus and school camera system

Security cameras on school buses help to enhance safety for students and drivers. It also capture video and audio of what's happening on the bus and help drivers concentrate on the road. Mafo & lewouh company care about children safety whether on their buses or at school. That's why we provide customized school bus surveillance systems for your buses and schools.

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Law enforcement surveillance system

We provide officers with good video recording equipment, in-car video system and body-worn camera solutions. Our aims are to guarantee officer safety, evidence integrity and reliability of video. What we do help to discourage officers against false claims.

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Transit & mass transit

In order to encourage safer driving, protect vehicle assets, maximize operational efficiency and avoid false claims, Mafo & Lewouh equips transit vehicle with mobile HD cameras and recorders at very affordable prices.

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First responders

As first responder, Mafo & Lewouh is there with his team of emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, and rescuers any time it is necessary.

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We also secure not only the worksite but also the surrounding and therefore all the people working there. Everything and move can be recorder for further usage always to fight false claims.

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APC (Automatic Passenger Counter)

An Automated Passenger Counter (APC) is an electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles including buses and rail vehicles which accurately records boarding and alighting data. We can install it on any transit vehicle.

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Luminator transit sign

We provide and install luminator bus, luminator rail, destination sign and passengers advisory boards for intelligence, safety and efficiency in transit and mass transit.

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VPDS ( Automatics Vehicle Detection System)

Vehicle detection system is very important in intelligent transportation system. We install such cameras system on parking, and various types of roads. It helps collect information such as vehicle plate numbers, time and speed.

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Tracking system

The tracking system we install in your vehicle, help you determine the exact location or direction of your vehicle at any given time.

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Whatever the type of camera and the where you want: in your residence, at your business or commercial place, in school buses and so one, mafo & lewouh will take care of it professionally.

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Not only we install but we also maintain your camera system at regular basis so as to avoid malfunctioning, or to make sure it is always working properly.

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Mafo & lewouh cares about the earth protection. That's why we help our customers recycle all electronic item they are not using anymore or those not working or spoiled.

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About Us

Fully insured and legal company, cameras system and video surveillance specialist with experienced and qualified staff. That is what Mafo & Lewouh security department is.

At Mafo & Lewouh, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe. So if you are securing a residence, a manufacturing facility, warehouse, distribution center, commercial center, office, school or vehicle, we can customize a security surveillance system to fit your needs at a price that works for you.


Whether you have a residential building, retails stores, shopping malls, offices or commercial building you want to secure, serving and protecting yours interests will always be our duty. Our various missions are:

  • Provide top class services to any and all our clients.
  • Offer professional services at more affordable prices
  • Create peace on mind for our satisfied clients

3 Years of experience

You shouldn't worry about your home and business security anymore. Mafo & Lewouh through his experienced and professional staff secures everything for you. We install many kind of cameras system:

  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Mobile camera - School buses Mass transit & Transit commercial vehicle