About Us

Mafo & Lewouh property is a department of Mafo & Lewouh Company specialized in property renovation and general maintenance.


We take care of your property that is residential or commercial building so as to maintain it always cleaned, comfortable and well secured.


If you want to rehab an existing property structure, tear it down in order to start over or just tear part of it down and renovate, contact us.


Mafo & lewouh is your adviser when it is concerned with starting or finish over your construction.


Solar, Electronic and Telecom equipment dismantling. Mafo & lewouh manages it for you.

Our Services

We offer many range of services you may need in order to always keep your property safe, clean and comfortable.

With a long history of beautifying properties, the many trusted relationships we’ve built have only been possible by consistently delivering excellence:
We have many long-term relationships with our on-going clients for whom we have done regular landscape maintenance, renovation, security and general cleaning services.
We work with highly trained staff and we are driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business.
We hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers and getting back their bond money. We are committed to our customers.
We use biodegradable products which do not harm the environment, pets or humans in any way.
WHY CHOOSE US Choose us for the following reasons

Behind our commitment to excellence are few key attributes that define who we are and what makes us different from any other.

  • Quality commitment
  • Reputable company
  • We are experts
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Eco-Friendly Products

Pre & post construction

Mafo & Lewouh makes sure at the beginning and at the end of the construction process that everything is done accordingly so as to satisfy your desire.

Quality first

We make sure plan proposed, materials used, construction and especially the end results strictly match with the quality standards.

Client desire

At Mafo & Lewouh, we take more into consideration what our clients really want and therefore we do everything he/she gets it.

Construction/renovation plan

We not only produce good construction or renovation plan for you but we do everything according to the quality standard.


It doesn’t only concern the workers but also people living or who will live there. The entire property has to be well secured. We care about.

Solid building

Your building should be strong and resistant enough at the end of the renovation or construction process.

Final check up

We carry out some quality, resistance and security inspection so as to prevent, reduce or avoid future problem after renovation or construction.

Mafo & Lewouh advices

Since we are experts and professional in what we do, here we provide you with security, general cleaning, renovation and maintenance free shorts advices.